On 30.05.2012 was held the session of the Breeding Commission of the Russian Kynologist Federation, where was discussed the issue concerning Mrs. O.N. Zabroda’s charges of falsifications of stud against Busher Pljus kennel, owned by Mrs. Komolova I.А.

The session was attended by representatives of French Bulldog NKP – President Makhanko Е.V. and the chairman of the mediation board, Mrs. Chaykovskaya F.R., as well as conflicting parties – Mrs. Zabroda O.N. and Mrs. Komolova I.А. Public members – Mrs. Vdovichenko Marianna and other interested persons.

We will publish the decision of the Breeding Commission on site as soon as it will be made. Nowadays we place documents, submitted by parties.

Documents, submitted to the Breeding Commission of RKF.

Documents, submitted by Mrs. Zabroda O.N.:

1.genetic analysis results from Antagen French laboratory. (as sample one dog was taken, for which the data has been provided by both parties)

Busher Pljus Moon Angel,05.06.2009 brand JWG 179., owner – Mrs. Kosova G.V.



2.witnesses’ confirmations of dogs’ identification


  • Documents, submitted by Mrs. Kosova G.V. for the withdrawal of analyses in Rostov-on-Don:


1. application of dogs’ owner, Mrs. G.V. Kosova


2. Questionnaire of Antagen laboratory:

3.Answer to the request from the French laboratory:

I understand your request. You will find enclosed the sampling certifictes filled by Dr Zabroda in Zrukovsky. We made a mistake. Dr Zabroda made the samples and not Dr Marchenko. This vet is in Zrukovsky too. You can see, there is any signature of the owner on these documents.

Mrs Olga FREY paid these analysis and parentage verification with your dogs, Tiggi and Betty.

4.A completed application form sent by O. Zabroda the lab

The signature of Mrs. Kosova G.V. in the questionnaire, which has been sent to France, is falsified.

5. FCI provision on the withdrawal on any veterinary analyses, including ones, referred to the withdrawal of samples for DNA analysis, (part 1 paragraph 4):

If a DNA test is performed, the identification (chip or tattoo) of the dog must be checked and certified by the veterinarian who collects the sample as is the case with any health protocol; the test result certificate from the laboratory must include the dog’s identification.


  • Documents, submitted by Mrs. KomolovaI.A.:

1. Results of the genetic analysis, performed by Laboklin German laboratory

Busher Pljus Moon Angel, 05.06.2009 brand JWG 179., owner- Kosova G.V.

Research result:

Abstammung: Assuming that the motherhood is definite, we were able to confirm the ancestry.

Assuming that the motherhood is definite, we were able to confirm the ancestry.


2. Сertificates of identification membership




3. Document of the veterinary, who has withdrawn the analysis


4. 4.In February there was an offer from Germany – to send father’s blood sample in order to increase the authenticity level, what has been done. Here is the text of the letter:

We do not conduct genetic studies mitohondialnoy DNA, because it is not 100% confirmation. We do confirm your relationship to the international system of microsatellite ISAG .. Would you be so kind as to send us a "blood stain" the father of the dog to 100% confirm the relationship. (Price research 38,50 €).


5. Dates, when analyses have been received and performed (received from Laboklin laboratory)

BUSHER PLJUS VIVA VICTORIA (JGW 95) дата отбора пробы 5.01.12, дата поступлния пробы 19.01.12--- результат 15.02.12

BUSHER PLJUS MAGIC CLOUD (JGW 176) дата отбора пробы 5.01.12, дата поступлния пробы 19.01.12--- результат 15.02.12

BUSEHR PLJUS MOON ANGEL (JGW 179) дата отбора пробы 5.01.12 ,дата поступлния пробы 19.01.12--- результат 15.02.12

BUSHER PLJUS MAKE ME CRAZY (JGW 180) дата отбора пробы 5.01.12, дата поступлния пробы 19.01.12--- результат 15.02.12

ZECUDAS BUSHER PLJUS BUGATTI (chip 578098100208773) дата отбора пробы 22.03.12 дата поступлеия 26.03.12 ---результат 13.04.12


Let us remind you, that this conflict has started because of Mrs. O.N. Zabroda’s actions, who has ignored the decision of the Breeding Commission of RKF dated 12.11.08, minutes № 8/08.

«RULED: as the breeder has refused to obey numerous requirements of RKF Provision on the breeding, as well as decisions of BC RKF – to give an admonition to Mrs. Zabroda O.N. All previous prescriptions of BC RKF are to stay into force. Mrs. Zabroda is to cure breaches, to brand and examine the litter and to register it with RKF. To submit to BC RKF the certificate of cynologic courses, other specialized education. The deadline is 1.01.09»

The matter is about the fact of leaving without branding and activation of the litter of nine puppies in the city of Rostov-na-Donu, born at Mrs. Kosova from the mating of Zone Miracle May Lou from Zone Miracle kennel, which later have been distributed through SOS. If Mrs. Zabroda would perform the decision of PC RCF and would not leave with Kosova two brood bitches without documents (Zone Miracle May Lou and Zone Miracle Jolia Princess, owner and breeder – Mrs. O.N. Zabroda), today’s precedent would not have happened.


Notwithstanding who will be acknowledged right, we think that Mrs. Zabroda’s actions, actively sending not confirmed and not officially recognized information to many kennels abroad, have caused serious harm to the prestige of Russian cynology, the confidence for studs, issued by RKF has been undermined also.


The NKP Presidium is sure that the RKF Breeding Commission will carry out the objective investigation and make a fair decision.


Президиум НКП уверен, что Племенная комиссия РКФ объективно разберется в ситуации и примет справедливое решение.